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Shirley Kennedy, Author​​
"In Old California"

A Western Historical Series
 for Kensington Lyrical Press


     Has she made a terrible mistake? Before the war, Belle Ainsworth led a life of pleasure and privilege in the deep South. Five years after losing her fiancé at the Battle of Gettysburg, she is still alone, with no prospects for marriage among the remaining men of her acquaintance. But out west, there are possibilities. And when Belle answers an ad for a mail-order bride and boards a train to San Francisco to meet wealthy restaurateur Robert Romano, it’s with the hope of at last making her dreams of family come true. 
     When the train is robbed, Yancy McLeish, a disillusioned Union Army hero, rescues Belle from her attackers—and lays claim to her heart.  But Belle has pledged her troth to Romano and intends to honor that commitment. It’s a decision she soon regrets, for her groom-to-be is nothing like his letters.  As she plots a course to escape Romano, Belle prays that road can lead her back to the safety of Yancy’s arms, where she believes she was always destined to be… 




     As a writer of historical romance and a native Californian, I've truly enjoyed doing the research for my "Women of the West" series, and now this new series, "In Old California." Bay City Belle is Book #2 in the series of three. See above. River Queen Rose is the first. It takes place in Sacramento during the Gold Rush. California has never had a flood like the floods of 1862 - 1863 that devastated the northern part of the state. I've included that tragic event in the story, along with an intriguing romance and insights into the sheer excitement of living during those long ago Gold Rush days.​​

* * * * Rated 4 Stars, Romantic Times Magazine